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Project Description
SharePoint 2013 custom field samples is a research project aims to provide samples for developing custom fields in SharePoint 2013.

The purpose of the project

Currently, this is a playground and samples for client side field rendering. Right now, there are three field:
  • VISA card field
  • Date birth field
  • Ajax image upload field
Also, there is an experimental support for "Quick Edit" mode for VISA field. This is A-S-W-E-S-O-M-E!
You may get more documentation and context checking the following posts:

Custom "VISA card" field sample

Here is the visa card field meant to provide a better end user experience for storing/editing visa card data. Here are some screenshots:

Lits view mode

New/Edit mode

View mode

What else? - date birth field & async ajax image upload field!

There are a few more fields within the current project:
  • custom date birth field (DateTime type)
  • custom async ajax image upload field (Hyperlink field which uploads your image in the background)
Also, consider the following post to get more context:

What’s next?

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